Beautiful Craft Kits for Kids, In Singular or Party Orders

If you have a kid than you know that occupying them is HARD! They need that constant trigger to all their senses, they run and hide, throw things, paint and generally like to keep you busy! These days it seems like all the parents in America found a way to keep their kids busy- their phone. Or tablet. Or computer. Or wii. Common!

Let’s bring back old fashioned DIY and craft ideas to the table- provide our kids with a joyful task to do in class or at a birthday party, or even on the holiday season !

Kirsten Field from Michigan has found a way to get our kids back into crafts- and you don’t have to do much! Instead of you going to the art store, getting tons of supply for just one project, and doing all of the cutting and scissors work yourselves- she did it for you!

In her Etsy store, ElfFactory2014, Kirsten is selling beautiful felt DIY kits for kids- including:
A beautiful felt owl for your Christmas tree, a lovely rainbow DIY tree, craft kit bundles for teachers to share with their students on this Valentine’s day- and a lot more!

All the plus- without a fuss- as ElfFactory2014 will bring you felted DIY projects that require no stitching or sewing of any kind! The felt decorative will arrive sewn, and each of the kits will have it’s own little guide-picture and will be equipped with felt pieces that are stickers to be placed! So no need for that chemical glue either!

Visit ElfFactory2014 to see how you could bring your child the sweetest felt DIY kit on Etsy!

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