Ugandan Art – An African Art Shop That Gives Back

What makes art what it is? Is it the materials it’s made of? Is it the technique being used? Or maybe- it’s the story behind it.

If you love to learn that there’s a true story behind an item you’re purchasing – you’re going to love Ugandan Art shop.

Owned by James Green, Ugandan Art is a special online shop that shares the unique creations of African artisans like Deo and Prince Joseph. Their unique techniques and skills are ones that will leave you in awe, and wanting a piece for yourself.

African wood carvings

Taking a piece of raw wood and carving out the art you want it to look like is a lost African technique that has now been brought to life with Ugandan Art. Deo, an amazing wood carver from Kampala, specializes in traditional African Carvings.

These beautiful wood carvings are made to look like animals, or as single pieces of a world of different animals inside. A living art piece that will give any room that unique safari feeling, like you’re in with nature!

African Paintings by Prince Joseph

Another unique artist you’ll find on Ugandan Art is Prince Joseph.
When James was deployed in Uganda with the Marines in 2012, he met Prince Joseph. Loving his unique art and feeling a connection to this artist, James bought a few of his paintings to give to his loved ones as he goes back to The States.

The 2 have kept in touch throughout the years, and James got to learn a lot about Prince Joseph and his culture and history, as he was also a historian for his people – the Buganadan tribe. On top of making these amazing paintings, and treasuring the history of his people- Prince Joseph also volunteers at a local school in Uganda, teaching kids the lost arts of African Painting.

On top of promoting beautiful and unique African art and artists, Ugandan Art also donates 25% of their proceedings to Buckets of Water- a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization whose mission is to provide access to clean drinking water in at risk populations.
The water crisis in Uganda is more severe than people who live in homes with indoor plumbing can ever understand. Read more about the water crisis in Uganda here.
Ugandan Art used that donation money for 2 main purposes:  Placing water filters at central water collection points — Using the most recent census data for Uganda, they are placing water filters at the most utilized water collection points to maximize their impact.

Education on water borne illnesses — The top of their water filters will include an infographic and instructions in the local languages of the necessity of boiling water to kill bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.

Local fairs and markets

From time to time you’ll find an update on Ugandan Art social channels about an upcoming face to face sale, as the unique art is shown in special trade sales and markets in the US, with James there- with a smile- to share the culture of his friends, and their unique skills!

If you want to learn more about Ugandan art, see their new creations, and get the art for yourself

have a look at their Website, Instagram, Facebook & even Youtube!

Follow them to have your social feeds touched with a

piece of culture and history that should never be forgotten!

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