Unique Dinosaur and Unicorn Hoodies for Kids

In a world where kids grow up too fast- it’s nice to find these little items that will help us keep them young for as long as possible!
Being a kid is not just loving unicorns and dinosaurs and have a cute costume on Halloween… Being a kid is all year long, and a special woman by the name of Effi- is helping you make that happen!

In her Etsy shop, MissFlamingoKids, you’ll find unique hoodies for kids helping them live up to their imagination’s potential- on a daily basis!!
Unique unicorn and dinosaur hoodies are my personal favorite, but you’ll see that in this shop you’ll find so much more than that!

This shop has a clear success vibe, and if you ask me- it’s all about the person running it!
In an interview with us, Effi had this to say about her shop and business:

I started MissFlamingoKids because I wanted my kids to dress up in a imaginative and creative look and have fun with it. When my son was at the age of 4 he had an obsession with dinosaurs and so I made him a dinosaur hoodie. Then, my daughter fell in love with her Christmas present that Santa brought her, a magical unicorn……so I made her a unicorn hoodie.

I was lucky, my first customers were really satisfied and so word went out.

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