12 Useful Tips for Selling Printable Wall Art on Etsy

Selling printable wall art on Etsy- is not just about the art. So, you designed printable wall art items to sell on Etsy- but it’s not going so well. There is so much more you can do! Mockups to create, social media to utilize, sponsored ads, and even a design change.

It’s easy to “give up” and think that no one can make money selling printable wall art on Etsy, but the truth is- people are doing it. and so can you.

In the past 4 years I have worked with over 2000 Etsy sellers- helping them improve their shop and getting more sales!

After working with countless printable wall art sellers, seeing what helped them along the years, and their most common mistakes- I made this post with 12 tips for selling printable wall art on Etsy!

# 1 – Create unique high quality mockups

When you offer printable items- you are basically selling a file. As you need to display what people can do with the files- use mockups for that!

A mockup is basically “how this can look” photo. In this case- a photo of a study room with a frame on the table, or a photo of a bedroom with a framed print on the wall.

You can find high quality mockups on Pixabay, free for commercial use, and even on Canva.
When creating these mockups, make sure they are “true to size”. If you’re offering a file that can be printed on A4 printer paper- you can’t display it as an A2 poster- you might get bad reviews and even cancellations.

# 2 – Pricing your items

When dealing with printable items, pricing can be done more freely than other items. Yes, you still had the time spent in making your art, but if it’s purely digital- there are no material costs for each item, and no packaging and shipping costs to consider.

Research the market, search Etsy for printable wall art listings and see how people price their work.

You can sell your artwork for as low as $1 per wall art download, if you want to attract people with a low price. However, people browse through quite a lot of pages when they decide on wall art, and if they like what you have to offer- a few dollars won’t make a difference.

I strongly recommend pricing a bit over what you really want- and either hold an Etsy sale in your shop, or provide coupons to your social followers.

# 3 – Use both horizontal and vertical images

Etsy listing photos are best when they are horizontal. People can get a better view of them from the Etsy search results page, and you’ll get more visitors if your photos are horizontal.

However, inside each listing, other than the main photo, you got 9 more photo slots. Use some of them to create a vertical photo, or several vertical photos, that showcase your printable wall art.

The reason for doing this can be summed up to one word- Pinterest.
Pinterest “loves” vertical photos, and when you pin vertical photos (or viewers of your shop do) there are higher chances of them to be found on Pinterest.

Having a vertical option for your listing photos is also a great thing for being found through Affiliate links. Independent bloggers can affiliate with Etsy shops, with no additional costs to the sellers, and they might like your shop “better” for one of their promotions- if they themselves are looking to feature vertical photos in their blog posts.

# 4 – Offer bigger sizes than A4

Yes, a lot of people are looking for a quick wall art fix, and order printable A4 wall art- to print at home. But that’s not everyone.
People these days are searching Etsy for wall art printables they can print on posters, and even canvases- and having larger file sizes than A4 could help you make a sale!

# 5 – Offer different dimension ratios

A4 printer paper holds an aspect ratio of 1:1.414.
That means that one a page held vertically hold a height measurements that is 1.414 of the length measurement.

However, just as people are searching for different wall art sizes, they also might want a different ratio! Posters can be printed with a ratio of 2:3, and people are also looking for a 1:1 ratio- to print even-square prints.

If you make your artwork downloadable files in more than 1 ratio – you could get more clients!

# 6 – Print your art

A lot of people have that “blockage” in their trust when buying printable wall art of- maybe it won’t look good when printed.
Printing your own wall art files will give you the assurance you need that you did, in fact, create a high quality printable wall art item.

Photographing the paper coming out printed from your printer, as well as, photographing yourself holding a paper that was just printed- would be an amazing photo to place on your listing, or in your about section, showing people the actual physical product they would be able to create with your printable wall art files.

# 7 – Behind the scenes photos

The about section in your shop has a place for photos- to share your business with other people. In that place, it’s less recommended to place listing photos… And more recommended to place photos that show people you, your business, and sort of a “walk in” tour into your creativity process.

Have someone take some photos of you as you sit in front of your computer/pad, and basically- working!
Make sure the table look good, the environment in the photo is CLEAN, and that your computer is opened on a relevant page (like photoshop, or your shop).

# 8 – Get photos from clients

If you can’t get all your files printer, and even if you could- ask clients to send you photos of how your printable wall art files look- printed!
Now, you can simply ask people to share real photos of this artwork printed on social media and tag you, or send you the files, however- when you have a business like printables- you can provide a huge incentive for that!

Someone purchased a printable wall art file? Awesome!
Msg them on Etsy and tell them that if they send you a photo of the item printed, or better yet- review with a real photo- you’ll send them a free file or a coupon code.

These photos are priceless and you could use them on your social channels, as well as listing photos.
Check out Etsy’s guidelines for reviews before phrasing this to clients, and make sure you’re not offering them anything for a higher review than they wanted to give.

# 9 – Offer bundles and/or sets

If you’ve created several wall art files of the same category (for example- motivational quotes wall art) you can sell them as a bundle package for a better price than people get buying individually.
This discount might be worth the money for you- as you “save” on the listing renewal fees if you’re selling 5 listings in 1.

Sell wall art sets- “Printable wall art set of 3” is a very highly searched term on Etsy, as people these days are often searching for more than one file to hang on their wall. A great example for this would be Alecia Butler’s Etsy shop- DownThePathCreations. In it you’ll find printable… Everything!

Including the unique set of 3 wall art leaves you see here in the photo.

# 10 – Set 20 minutes a day for pinterest

Some people don’t “get” Pinterest much, don’t think it’s enough of a tool for Etsy sellers… but they are wrong!
The combination of search+image+social is a huge traffic bringer for Etsy!

However, Pinterest won’t “work for you” if you just pin all your listing photos at once! Try this for your routine: – Open a board for a specific type of wall art, out of the types of wall art you make (for example: printable wall art for your office, or Printable wall art with motivational quotes…). – Now, go back to Pinterest and search for printable wall art that fits that category. Yes, from other people! Repin 12 photos to that board from other users. – Go to your shop and pin 15 photos of your products that fit this category.

– Go back to Pinterest and re-pin 5 more photos from other users.

Do this “routine” everyday, making new boards, and coming up with new ideas.
This process will not only increase the number of views and clicks you get, but also act as your daily dose of inspiration, seeing what other people sell, and discovering creative fonts, colors and mockups!

# 11 – Utilize other social channels

You can’t “count” on Etsy to bring traffic in. And even if you’ve used all the right keywords- you’re missing out on traffic if you’re not on social media! Make sure to have a link to your shop on your Instagram bio, and consider opening a designated Facebook page for your wall art.
Share photos from clients, that you printed, of your mockups, and even of you as you start a new day designing awesome things!

Make sure to always explain people where the link for purchasing is, and get sales and coupons advertised on social channels to motivate people to order!

# 12 – Create what people are looking for

If you have the ability to create anything- create what people are already looking for.

There are 4 main ways to do that:

1. follow holidays, design printable wall art for a certain holiday approx. 2 months before the holiday date.

2. Go to Etsy home page and click on the search bar. Do not write anything- just look at the dropdown menu that will open automatically- telling you what people are searching for right now!
If you see anything there that you can create- create it and upload it as fast as you can!

3. Visit Erank.com for accurate Etsy search analytics, and search for “printable wall art” statistics.
The results will show you other search terms people search in regards to printable wall art- and you could see if they need sets, romantic art, quotes, or anything else!

4. Create a unique wall art that can be customized- with names, dates, a different quote, etc.
People love it when they find someone that can personalize art for them!

There are a lot more ways of succeeding on Etsy, selling wall art printables or anything else. If you feel like you need more help with the shop itself, making sure your descriptions, titles, photos and other areas are as best as they can be-

check out my special Etsy service (with more than 300 reviews)

and get a detailed report from me on what you need to change

or add to your shop- to make it sell better!

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