Custom Burlap Prints? Yes, Please! (Top Rated Etsy Store Recommendation)

When people think of the online market for handmade goods they often think of random people selling handmade items, maybe once or twice a month. But the truth is- that having an Etsy store is actually a business. When you do it right, when you find the business model that suits you and the right marketing plan- you can turn your hobby into a full time business!

So, my goal for today was to find someone who managed to turn their hobby into a full-on self-managed business using Etsy, and I found the coolest store ever!
Run by a married couple, BeanTownBurlap Etsy store, is a beautiful Etsy boutique for custom Burlap prints and wall art. You can easily purchase amazing wedding gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary- and actually custom these burlaps to any occasion!

The couple managing the store has sold over 7300 items, and they are probably couple of the most successful store owners on Etsy. When you’ll see their product- you’ll understand why!

With the choices of white or natural burlap- you can make sure this beautiful custom burlap print would fit your home or room decor style easily!

Almost 1850 buyers have reviewed these love birds and their products, and with a 5 stars overall rating- it’s clear to see that they are great at what they do and in the service they provide!

You can easily customize their mother’s day burlaps with the names and birthdates of all of your siblings, or provide your life partner with a great anniversary gift celebrating the years you’ve had together and the years to come!


These two even made a beautiful customizable police academy graduation burlap print

Even for service dogs! 

If you like what you see check out this couple’s website, or social channels for more info!

Or simply visit their Etsy store and see what burlap has your name on it!

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