Spanish Handmade Jewelry- for Women, Men & Couples

Who ever said that Etsy has only women jewelry- obviously never met Sonia Díaz!
Sonia is a talented Spanish jewelry designer, and her handmade jewelry are made for women, men- and even couples!

Her Etsy shop, Kuartz, mostly showcases leather bracelets (for men, women and also for couples), but you can easily find fabric bracelets, silver and cord mixed necklaces, rings- and much more!

Here are some of my favorite items from her shop:

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With over 2000 sales in her shop, Sonia is not one to become “too big” for her clients! And the love and attention she had for crafting jewelry- has remained- and maybe even improved!
You know you got a good store in front of you when people leave reviews saying that the piece they got look even better in person!


If you like what you see here- get social with Sonia and follow her on Instagram!
You’ll not only see her amazing jewelry collection there- but also glimpses of her life, as well as nature shots of beautiful Spain!

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Visit Kuartz Etsy boutique for handmade jewelry for more!


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