Handmade Cotton Face Masks by a Single Mom from California

Once upon a time- we didn’t need face masks to go outside, or into the mall, or any public place. However, reality has changed and now we need to take a face mask with us wherever we go.

When the covid19 crisis started, we grabbed a face mask from a phram, and counted on it to last us. Used disposable face masks, and spent out days with an overall lack of flare.

Unique Tie Dye Face Masks

A special Etsy boutique is now featuring beautiful tie dye masks with a printed design. These are 100% cotton and cotton blends handmade fabric masks, that are tie-dyed, and after that- printed with special designs- that can be customized for any person and any need!

You can get a special handmade tie dye face mask with BeetleJuice movie prints, tie dye masks with smiley faces, lips, tongue-out funny designs, and even alien-cat designs that will make you laugh whenever you put your mask on.

RottenRascalsClub Etsy shop

All of these beautiful masks, as well as custom face mask designs with your company’s logo, can be found on RottenRascalsClub Etsy shop! A special newly opened and rising boutique owned by Alyssa. A single mom who found herself struggling and the beginning of the crisis- and now starting her own tie dye face mask business.

As her designs are super unique, and somewhat exclusive- if you like Alyssa’s style- make sure to follow her on Instagram– so you’ll always be able to see the new tie-dye face mask styles she creates!

for more unique tie dye face mask design
visit RottenRascalsClub Etsy shop today!

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