Adorable & Unique Custom Made Sneakers

If you’re a true sneakerhead than you know- there’s no such thing as having too many sneakers! Sneakers are just like every other accessory we have… Just like we have different bags for different occasions, and different jewelry to fit different outfits, Sneakers- are a statement of their own! If you’re looking for the most unique sneakers out there- unlikely you’ll find them in a shop. Yes, major sport brands create a variety of sneakers, in different colors and designs, but for a true sneakerhead- those are never going to be enough.

That’s why we have LifeStunna2005.

Owned by a family of devoted sneakerheads, LifeStunna2005 Etsy shop is the place to find custom adult sneakers, as well as kids sneakers in a variety of designs- all can be made to fit your needs!
Sneakers with butterflies on them, daisy flower sneakers, rainbow colored sneakers, and much more- all waiting for you in one place!

A special treat from LifeStunna2005 is this sweet pair of miss-match sneakers- based on the two main characters of the iconic children’s movie- Toy Story! These special Toy Story sneakers are made with so much creativity in mind, that we simply can’t see any child not falling in love with them as soon as they put them on!

All of these wonderful and creative sneaker designs are made on top of one of the most comfortable and well-designed sneakers model- Nike’s Air Force 1 sneakers. And the buyers of LifeStunna2005 are loving them!!
While a lot of Etsy shops have buyers leaving generic reviews, LifeStunna2005’s clients are adoring their custom sneakers, leaving real-photo reviews of the amazing Air Force 1 sneakers they got –

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