MiMA – Adorable Sticker Sets for Your Nursery

You don’t need much to turn a blank wall into a loving nursery wall- all you got to have- is the right set of nursery wall stickers.
Wall sticker sets for nurseries can be found on so many places online and in physical shops around your city. However, for the best and most unique nursery sticker sets- I’d recommend checking out MiMAInteriorsUK Etsy shop!
Owned by Marta, this shop has a unique collection of smooth and soothing wall decal sets for kids rooms that will simply make you smile!

Wall sticker sets for nurseries

There are so many wall sticker sets to choose from on Marta’s shop! Unique unicorn nursery stickers, special woodland sticker sets, hot air balloons, and special sticker sets for boys or girls- based on beloved animals and beautiful soothing colors!

Here are some of my personal favorite wall art sticker sets from Marta’s shop:

As you can see here- Marta is quite adamant on displaying her wall sticker sets for you in a way that will help you design your nursery walls- displaying the sizes of each one of the stickers in her set:

The meaning behind MiMA

Residing in Bournemouth, England, The owner of MiMAInteriorsUK, Marta, named her shop after her daughter Emilia. As kids often find it hard to say long words, and “shrink” every word to 2 syllables, Emilia calls herself Mima, and wanting to make her smile- was the inspiration for this unique and special Etsy nursery wall art boutique!

Fairly new to the world of Etsy, MiMA opened up this year, and already started making people happy- with 60 satisfied customers who left glowing reviews- showing how they placed MiMA’s stickers on their nursery walls! You can also find MiMA on social media!

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For more- visit MiMAInteriorsUK on Etsy,
or check out Marta’s online shop Mimainteriors.co.uk !

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