Face Mask Sewing Patterns – How to Sew a Face Mask?

In these “corona-times” a lot of people are searching for face masks! Now, the regular cloth and fabric face masks are not a way to avoid getting infected with coronavirus! However, a lot of medical experts worldwide are encouraging people to cover their mouth and nose while stepping outside- with a scarf or a face mask!
Even though regular face masks from fabric are not 100% effective against coronavirus, they are mandatory in some countries as a way of minimizing chances of infection- mostly by minimizing your chances of touching your mouth and nose while being outside- with hands touching surfaces that may contain the virus!

How to Sew a face mask?

Sewing a face mask might seem like an easy task to a lot of sewing mamas and papas out there, but for a lot of sewing individuals- the easiest way to sew a face mask would be by using a PDF sewing pattern that explains how to sew a face mask! If you’re looking for the best places to find patterns for sewing face masks- there’s one place that tops them all- Etsy! The online marketplace for handmade items holds a large variety of sewing patterns, for dresses, shirts, home decor, pants, and even face mask sewing patterns!

In order to make these times a bit more stylish, we’ve found several face mask sewing pattern on Etsy for you to sew your own face mask- in different styles and in different sizes!

Looking to make your face mask without sewing?
Check out our blog post about no sew face mask instructions!

Face Mask Sewing Pattern PDF with filter pockets


Natalia, owner of Etsy shop NataPatterns, has made a unique face mask sewing pattern PDF to sew your own face mask with filter pockets! Her simple face mask sewing pattern for beginners will show you how to sew a face mask with filter pockets in 4 sizes: Man, woman, teen & kid!


Go to Natalia’s shop to get this Face Mask pattern PDF
for a mask with filter pockets!

2 layer face mask pattern by Yana from BabyLova

While usually making baby items, Yana, owner of BabyLove Etsy shop, has created a simple face mask sewing pattern PDF that comes with a step by step guide for you to sew your own face mask at home!


To make the face masks in this pattern PDF you’ll need the following materials in your home: – Basic sewing supplies – Piece of cotton – Ribbon or a replacement of it.

When you purchase Yana’s face mask sewing pattern Etsy listing, you’ll get the following:

This face mask sewing pattern PDF shows 3 cloth mask sizes: S, M, L.
Fitting for men, women, and teens!

Go to Yana’s Etsy shop to see this face mask sewing pattern!

The special fit face mask sewing pattern by carey077

If the regular face mask sewing patterns seem a bit pressing for you, mostly on the nose and chin areas, carey077 Etsy shop has got you covered- with a special face mask sewing pattern PDF with that extra room you need to breath!

Available in 5 sizes, this face mask sewing pattern with extra room for your nose and chin can still be hella-stylish- all depends on the fabric you use for it! It also has a designated slot for your face mask filters!

Visit this shop to get your instructions for this special face mask sewing pattern PDF!

Face mask filter refills !

Looking for a filter to place inside your face masks after you make them?
If you got a face mask sewing pattern with a pocket for a filter, you can find filter refills on DIY7eleven Etsy shop!

Visit DIY7eleven Etsy shop for these face mask filter refills!

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Stay healthy – Mey Aroyo, from The Women Team!

NOTE: The Women Team is not a health group, nor are we doctors! Wearing a face mask from cloth will not guarantee you won’t get infected with Coronavirus! To find out more about face masks and the coronavirus- check out WHO website with detailed info on the virus and the use of a face mask!

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