VILNUKAI- Felted Madness From Lithuania

If you don’t know it by now- I am obsessed with Etsy!
I mean- you can find so many amazing and awesome things there, and especially handmade items from far away places, places you never even thought about visiting.

I recently came across this super cool Etsy seller from Lithuania that make the most unique felted shoes and slippers for kids and babies. Her store is called: VILNUKAI (Driven from the word Vilna that means wool).
With a touch of the forest and some fairy-dust, this seller makes awesome items for babies that are simply too cute to look at! One coloured boots, comic-like facial expressions and even elf slippers- all handmade with a whole lot of love!

The store has almost 60 sales and all 5 star reviews- with buyers posting real images they took themselves of the products! So go ahead and check out this cool store, surprise a loved one with the best baby shower gift ever- or spoil your little bundle of joy with a new pair of fairy-comfort from the Lithuanian wool maker 🙂

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