Must Have Items With Foil Prints On Them


If you’re looking for something truly unique- go with FOIL.
It’s trending, it looks great, and foil prints simply make every ordinary item appears better, with better spirit and personality.

People customize foil prints and attach them on mugs, hang them on walls or print them on bags- so that this true and unique art form would be with them wherever they go. I know it’s hard to find something original out there. With most people buying prints and mugs off of IKEA and shop for tote bags at Wallmart- it seems like everyone is ending up with the same life accessories. No one is unique anymore.

If that bothers you- let me share a special woman with you.

Her name is Sara Hibbitt. She’s from California, and she has the best designer’s eye you’ll ever see.
Ever since 2015 she’s been selling her ideas and creative mind on Etsy, sharing so many cool items with people living in the US and in Canada. Her store, FoiledOnceAgainPrint, has close to 900 sales- yet she kept that perfect 5 star review score. Simply the best broad to go to when you need that special gift for your bridesmaids, that unique quote hanged on your wall, or that perfect tote bag.

Her designs are simple and fairy-like, and her items can be customized by name or title. You could have your names written on a coffee mug, dedicate it to someone you love, or spoil family members with the perfect personalized gifts! (Her mugs and personalized gifts are mostly purchased by grooms and brides to be- customizing them for their loved ones)

Some people even use them to tell something… Announcement gifts.
Let’s say you want to tell your parents you are pregnant… Check out this cool gift you could give them to bring the news up:

Over the years Sara has gotten better, following up on some cool trends online and finding you those perfect little pairs of items that would fit cool young couples… Like this sweet set:

So go check out Sara’s unique Etsy store, find out what great gift you could get your loved ones!
(And yourselves!)

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