Ordering Makeup Online? You Have To Know Findation

If you are using makeup foundation than you need to read this post. Most of the women I know only can tell you by heart the number of their skin tone in their favourite foundation brand. But what happens when you want to try out new foundations from different brands?

Changing Your Makeup Foundation Brand

I have been using something like this Jane Iredale purepressed base for as long as I can remember. If I have to order my makeup online or be super fast at the pharmacy store, it’s easy for me, cause I already know what number foundation to take.

When I wanted to try on Essence, it was a bit more tricky. Since I didn’t have Essence near by, I had to order my makeup from them online. Not that I have a problem with ordering online, I love it, I just didn’t know what shade/tone I needed. That’s when i discovered Findation.

Findation- Finding Your Foundation For You

Findation is a great website, offering you a unique service of finding out what your makeup foundation number will be in all of the major makeup companies- based on the foundation number you are using with your current makeup brand. Here is how you use it:

Step 1 – Choose Your Current Foundation Brand

Step 2 – Choose The Product You Are Using

Step 3 – Choose Your Tone Number/ Name

View The Results

After placing in your current makeup foundation you can add in another makeup foundation you know that fits you- in order to give the site’s algorithm a better shot at finding your perfect makeup foundation colour. If you don’t know your skin tone number with a different brand- just skip that part and move straight to the results.

Enjoy Your Matches

We all like to get a match on Tinder or OKCupid… But getting your match and finding the foundation colour you need isn’t less exciting. From the result page you’ll be able to choose with companies you want to see- making ordering your perfect foundation online- a lot more easier!

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