Modern Fine Jewelry Based in LA

If you’re looking for the best jewelry trends, the classiest earrings, the most perfect rings, or most impressive necklaces- LA is the place to search for them!
However, if you can’t make it to LA- there’s an Etsy shop that will bring LA to you!!

KILOBRANDCO Etsy shop, owned by James, is a great place to find modern style jewelry pieces that will leave a mark on anyone who wears them!
More than 80 pieces of fine jewelry are waiting for you in this unique Etsy shop, made from various metals and stones! Made from 925 Sterling Silver, solid 14 & 18 Karat Gold, inlaid Diamonds, these jewelry items are what you’d call- luxury items for everyday wear.

While the store holds these beautiful images of their jewelry- their Instagram account is where the magic really happens! Photos of their jewelry on people – are simply the best!

The items from KILOBRANDCO are all limited edition- so if you see something you like- don’t think twice about getting it!

Visit KILOBRANDCO Etsy shop today for more!

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