Will’s Aromatherapy Soy Candles

In a spacious kitchen in California, Will is taking his own aromatherapy soy blends, pours them into mason jars, and hand-makes his own aromatherapy candles.

His store was opened only last year, and already it’s about to hit the 200 sales mark- and I see no reason why it wouldn’t even hit the 400!
The reviews of Will’s candles are amazing, and as he takes on this hobby and makes it a true carerr- he’s getting better at it everyday!

Making aromatherapy candles is currently one of my favorite hobbies. The combination of pure essential oils, soy wax, and a mason jar, is relaxing and creates a great energy environment. The ultimate goal is make this my primary occupation. Thank you for all of the love and support.
(Will wrote in his Etsy store).

Aromatherapy candles make for the perfect gift- as you never have to worry about the right size to fit a person (like shoes or a jacket…). You can simply select a calming fragrance that you think your beloved would like- and get it! Amongst the “flavours” in Will’s soy candle shop, TheAromaCandle, you’ll find lemon, orange, rosemary, cedar-wood, tea tree, eucalyptus, and much more!

Check out all the different aromatherapy candle scents on

Will’s shop!

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