African, Tribal & More, a Collection of Unique Accessories

Meet Grace Yeboah Ofori from Burke, VA, United States.
She’s the owner of TruFaceByGrace Etsy store, and she has the most unique style and the best fashion collection you have ever seen!

In her store, Grace sells her art- fashion, and she does so by breathing in different cultures and embracing so many different styles. You can wear her accessories with ethnic clothing, or combine them with modern clothing to really make your statement.

Her bib necklaces are gorgeous! Some of them have enough fringes on them to allow you to walk with a simple top and still look like an African princess:

If you like her style- you should really follow her Instagram account, filled with amazing pictures of Grace’s fashion items on beautiful everyday women!

Grace’s unique style is truly one of a kind- and her items are just waiting for you to wear them and take pride in looking like a fierce strong woman! With over 180 sales and a 5 star rating- Grace’s store is a safe haven for women who like to be unique!

You could also visit Grace’s other artistic side, make up, by liking her Facebook page and following her beauty shots.
See more of Grace’s work in her Etsy store!

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