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There are so many different artists on Etsy that you can never get enough or see them all! While most artist start with a small hobby that grows to an Etsy shop, some artists have only recently discovered Etsy and are now using it as another venue to sell their art.

Luc Sharp is one of those artists!

With over 1000 sales on eBay and hundreds of happy 5 star client reviews- he remembered he once had a profile on Etsy. An old profile from 2013 was activated just a couple of months ago- and Luc Sharp is now officially a shop owner on Etsy- using this platform to sell amazing and unique handcrafted metal wall art!

His work is different… His metal wall art designs are inspiring, flowing, with abstract shapes and a smoothing and relaxing affect on their watchers.
You can easily place his work in your living room, study-room, office, or even the bedroom, giving that wall a unique look and a modern appeal.

What I love most about having a wall art piece made of metal- is the reflection. A canvas or simple print don’t glow with the light that’s in front of them, not like metal. His work is best placed in places with reach to light, and could also be placed with colorful spotlights pointing at it- to get a truly unique experience!

Visit Luc Sharp’s Etsy shop today for more!

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