Beautiful Handmade Gifts With Exclusive Designs

When people think of Etsy they often think about repurposing, or people using bought materials (or used ones) to create something from scratch. However, that is only partially true.

A lot of people have a talent that doesn’t seem crafty at first- graphic design and photography. One of these people is Kerstin, owner of PurefireDesigns Etsy store.

Kerstin’s store is filled with beautiful useful everyday items- that has a special touch on them- Kerstin’s art.
Smartphone covers, throw pillow covers, dresses, leggings, and more pillow covers with themed designs: cats, dogs, Christmas, and more.

Here are my personal favorite throw pillow cover designs from Kerstin’s store:

And of course- smartphone covers and fashion items:

Visit Kerstin’s Etsy store for +250 designs and gift ideas!

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