Leather Bags With Nature Prints

There are a lot of leather bags out there in the market- and we love them! They are strong, lasting, always maintain their form and they’re one of the must-have accessories that we can own!

When thinking about leather handbags most women would imagine a generic form of a shoulder bag or messenger bag, in black or brown leather and a smooth surface. However- the leather accessories market is far greater than 1 or 2 designs. One of my favorite Etsy stores, TJSource, have recently updated some unique leather bags with amazing nature prints on them- and you have got to see how they look like!

The second one, in case you were wondering, is a fully functioning office bag with a place for you office or private computer! Great for office days or for business travels!

TJSource make so much more than just leather bags with nature prints on them, and in fact- they make more than just bags! I recently found that they have some lovely dresses- with prints matching an existing leather bag design from their store, like these 2 priceless looks of a flower girl and an art deco beauty:

It pains me to only upload these photos, but if I had to choose my favorite designs from TJSource- this website would crash from all of the images! So- if you liked what you see, simply click HERE to see more!

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