BFF Fashion Designs from Las Vegas!

If you’re looking to expand your wardrobe with interesting fun items, or if you’re in the market for some matching tops and wearables- meet Gina & Nina.

Gina & Nina are the owners of Almost Obsession clothing line and Etsy shop!
This shop, born from a 15 year friendship, is a great place to find custom clothes and prints that will be great for: dog lovers, cannabis supporters, weddings, 4th of July, and many other occasions!

Must Have Tshirts & Tanks

With one BFF coming from a management background, and the other with knowledge in graphic design- the two combined have created the best LINES for you to wear! Keeping in touch with all the latest trends, following up on funny comments, making designs that are romantic or smart, and keeping it ever so inspirational…

Glow in the dark tshirts and tank tops

With all these unique designs available, I have almost missed this special section in Almost Obsession- the glow in the dark Ts and Tanks category!
Currently hosting 4 designs (Nina, Gina, Please add more!!) – this section is for the BEST party wear ever- tshirts and tank tops with prints that glow in the dark!


We live in Las Vegas, where mainly shops are either high end fashion or department stores and there is no way to find something different on the local market. The city is lacking of small boutique and unique shops. So, we thought that might be people out there struggling from the same issue and willing to buy online something different and to be unique or at least express them-self’s in different way.

The two BFFs have just recently opened their Etsy business, which is why i was surprised to see that their shop, Almost Obsession, has a good number of sales given the fact it’s been open for only a couple of months.
Gina & Nina are still working full time in their separate jobs, but I have a dream that these two will soon be able to relay solely on their Etsy endeavours and focus on making awesome clothes for even more awesome people!

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All their new designs and potential sales- will be waiting for you there!

Visit Almost Obsession today for more!

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