Please Wear a Face Mask Signs – Printable Mask On Banners

These are strange times we are living in, truly… And while it might seem odd to be living in this crazy new Covid19 world- we must adapt, and do the best we can to help the world heal!

One of the most controversial topics in the world these days is the mandatory law in many countries- to wear a mask in public places- open or closed.
If the country you live in only requires wearing a face mask in a closed place, you might find yourself taking an A4 paper from the printer and writing on it – please wear a mask. (I mean, you can’t just wait by the door and explain to each and every client that they need to put on a mask- right? )

Printable wear a face mask signs

If you want to find a better, more creative, way, to tell people that in order to enter- they need to put on their face masks, check out these please wear a face mask signs you can download and print at home:

These beautiful please wear a face mask signs are available for immediate download and printing on Creek Graphics Etsy shop. You could also find a lot of other please wear a mask signs in different designs, to get now and print at home/business, to add a touch of style to your business entry wear a mask sign!

Go to Etsy now to find your perfect wear a face mask sign!

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