Beautiful Family Members Holiday Mugs & Ornaments

If you want a special Christmas gift idea for a family member- I got a nice surprise for you!
Last year I wrote about an amazing gift shop on Etsy by the name of FoiledOnceAgainPrint. The post was called Must Have Items With Foil Prints On Them- and it featured some of their most amazing and unique bridal gift ideas and love gifts.

Must Have Items With Foil Prints On Them

As I often come back to shops i have written about before, I found that this year there are also beautiful gifts perfect for Christmas! Lovely Christmas tree ornaments and mugs for family members!

These beautiful mugs and Christmas tree ornaments are great for any family member, and you’ll find so many different variations of them on FoiledOnceAgainPrint Etsy shop! However, that’s not all they offer.

With this shop you can have customized Christmas mugs and personalized Christmas tree ornaments with any word/name on them… Just fill out the name/word you want during ordering (as well as a year) – and you’re set !

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