Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry for Gemstones Lovers


2018 has been an exciting year for Mariya Klapanova and her mother Elena, as this year they decided to take Mariya’s  love for simplicity and gemstones- and make a business out of them!
In her own unique mind, Mariya comes up with unique color and stone combinations for her jewelry line. You can find her jewelry displayed for sale in her Etsy shop- PurpleOctopusJewelry!

we produce high-quality handmade jewelry for both men & women. (It says in the shop’s BIO.)

We make handcrafted jewelry from natural stones. The designs of our creations are unique but simple.

Today Purple Octopus is a small family business. Where each member does something that they love and are passionate about, but still we enjoy working together.
We put love and care into our work. So when you purchase from us – we send that love to you, hoping that it will give you joy.

This kind of family business is the exact reason why I love Etsy so much!
You get to purchase items from REAL people, not big brands. You get a piece that was made with love… Plus- they are so unique that wearing these items is sure to make you feel more special than you felt before!

This is a UNISEX shop–
Go ahead and shop for your boyfriend too

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