Funny Dino T-Rex Mugs For People Who Love Dinosaurs!

A lot of people think that the love for the dinosaurs ends when you blow off the candles on top of your 10th birthday cake… But the truth is that we have many people enjoying a dino here and there as adults, just like people still love unicorns, fairies, mermaids and more!

So, if Dinosaurs are your thing- why not start the day with a little cute dino on your coffee mug??

A special Etsy shop by the name of MaPaNoLi is selling the most unique designs of cute dinosaurs on everyday items like tshirts, hoodies, socks and the best one- coffee mugs!

Here are some of my personal favorite dinosaurs coffee mugs from this Etsy shop:

The owner of the shop and main designer is Patrick (the Pa in MaPaNoLi), and his unique designs are being printed into these everyday items by a special supplier in the US- making sure you get everything in time and in high quality!

To learn more about this shop, or to see more awesome dinosaur coffee mugs-

go to MaPaNoLi Etsy shop!

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