Wear a Necklace That Makes You Feel Good

Healing stones have been around for centuries, connecting us to ourselves, helping us feel more confident, and mostly- heal. That’s why, every now and then, I search Etsy for an interesting healing stone jewelry find- that would be both appealing and healing at the same time!

Amethyst heart pendant necklace

Maybe it’s my deep passion to the color purple- but Amethyst is one of my favorite healing stones. It has a unique shade of purple, mixing with clear, as it is a natural abstract colored healing crystal.
The vibe of Amethyst is flowing, and it’s said to give you peace of mind & clarity- thus being perfect for meditating, or just having it on you when you know you’re about to have a hard and long day.

Unlike most of the healing stone malas, I found a shop that has a unique heart shaped Amethyst crystal pendant necklace- that is super adorable! I mean, you don’t need to believe in the power of healing crystals to see just how cute this heart pendant Amethyst necklace is!

This necklace was found on BenedettaGems Etsy shop, a new & growing Etsy boutique owned by Rita, that makes the most special jewelry using healing stones.
Her style, of mixing this purple healing crystal with a vintage style rope chain necklace – is simple and eye-catching.

Visit BenedettaGems Etsy shop for more info on this Beautiful healing stone Amethyst heart necklace

and other healing stone jewelry finds!

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