Now Possible- Your Pet’s Face on Socks!

We’ve all seen these awesome cats and dogs patterned socks online! Goofy labradors, funny black cats, and annoyingly-cute chiwawas- plastered all over awesome comfy socks!
However, what if you could get socks – with your own pet’s photo on them?

Custom pet head socks- with your dog or cat!

In a simple click of a few buttons you could get your very own custom dog socks or personalized cat socks– with the photo of your pet!

How? Quite simple! Go to Form of Life and select the color of the socks you want (recommended you choose a sock color that is the “opposite” of the colors of your pet.). Once you do that- upload a photo of your dog or cat!

Try to take a photo where people can see their heads clearly, as well as the head of your pet being the center of the photo!

You don’t need to crop the face of your pet from the photo- Form of Life does it for you!

Limited time offer with Form if Life on their special custom photo pet socks- buy a pair- and get a second pair for free! So go ahead and check out these awesome custom photo pet socks from Form of Life today!

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