Sloths Are The Best- Trending Sloth Mugs from Etsy

One of my personal favorite rising trends is everything SLOTH related! In particular- sloth mugs! When I search for cute items, that have a bit of better style than what I’d find in some random mart shop, I always search ETSY! The biggest and best online marketplace for creators, crafters, graphic designers, and generally awesome people!

On Etsy, just by typing SLOTH MUGS I found over 2000 awesome sloth mugs- and these are my absolute favorite ones!

Cute Sloth Mugs

It’s funny writing “cute sloth mugs”, I mean- are there sloth mugs that are not cute ?? That’s not possible!!
So, for those of you who just want the most adorable coffee mug, check out these cute sloth mugs from Etsy:

Just a bunch of sloths, hanging out on your mug!
An adorable sloth mug found on PooSparkles Etsy shop!
This shop has unique gift ideas with patterns, as well as this very sloth coffee pattern on a phone cover!

A unique Enamel sloth coffee mug with just the cutest watercolor sloth on your mug!
Designed by TWOMUGS Etsy shop ! This special Etsy boutique also holds a variety of cute watercolor animal illustrations on mugs, clocks, pillow covers, and more!

Sloth Mugs with Names – custom name sloth mug

One of the best things about getting your sloth mugs from Etsy, is that you can easily order a personalized sloth mug- with your name on it! Your name, your kid’s name, or a name of a friend on a sloth mug- is a great sloth gift idea! Here are my 2 favorite name sloth mugs found on Etsy:

Just add your name for this custom name sloth coffee mug- featuring a cute sleeping sloth!
This creative custom name sloth mug is from designermugsonline Etsy shop- a huge shop with over 700 mug designs!! Truly the cutest mug shop ever!

Isn’t this custom name sloth mug just the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen? A cute sloth on a rainbow- with your name, or your kids name on it.

made with a whole lot of love by MadeBySDCreations Etsy shop!

This shop is dedicated to making creative everyday items with custom names on them- and they are totally worth a drop by if you’re looking for custom name gift ideas!

Feeling Lazy Sloth Mugs

Are you a sloth before your morning coffee? Cause i know I am ! That’s why feeling lazy- is my design for sloth mug! I designed this mug actually for a good friend, and she loves it!
So if you want your own feeling lazy sloth mug- just visit my Etsy shop Dainty Mugs!

Funny Sloth Mugs

Sloth mugs are adorable, we’ve covered that already…. But with the right creative mind- sloth mugs can also be hysterically funny! Just like these funny sloth mugs:

This adorable and funny sloth mug is from StrictlyBusinessMugs Etsy shop!
Honestly ? So sincere, just giving yourself 2 thumbs up for getting out of bed today!!

Also featured as the main image for this post- this is one of my favorite sloth mugs! SLOFFEE – the coffee mug for sloth lovers (full disclosure – I personally have a tshirt that says sloffee on it- and this whole sloffee concept is adorable!)

This SLOFFEE mug design is from SaturnWaves Etsy shop, and it’s the sloth mug you must have if you love sloths!

MY OH MY I cannot stop laughing from this funny fart mug with a sloth- found on MountainsandMoxie Etsy shop!
This Etsy shop has over 300 items- all mugs with funny sayings, jokes, pun mugs, and more!

Sloth Shaped Mugs

Last but not least- we have a sloth mug- shaped like a sloth!
This super cute sloth shaped mug is from HausOfZombie Etsy shop (PS, they also have other mugs shaped like animals, so they are totally worth checking out even if sloths aren’t your thing!)

Can’t find the sloth mug you want?
Hop on to Etsy and find your own awesome sloth mug!

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