Breaking The Cycle of Homelessness with Project HOME’s Handmade Art


As most of you know- I’m a big fan of Etsy. I love handmade art, I love “shopping from the little guy”, and I love the fact that I am shopping from small business and every day people.

Every store has a story behind it, but Project HOME PA‘s story- is quite unique.

This store’s makers and designers are the residents of Project HOME’s housing for the poor and homeless. Homeless men and women who live there- are the people behind this shop’s beautiful scented candles collection, gift sets, soaps and greeting cards.

winter-holiday-gift-set-frankincense-candle-cinammon-soap-made-by-residents-of-project-home-pa-homeless-program-community-and-charity-greetign-cards-made-by-homeless-people-e1517570019492-3868809 winter-holiday-gift-set-frankincense-candle-cinammon-soap-made-by-residents-of-project-home-pa-homeless-program-community-and-charity-holiday-greeting-cards-e1517570008741-4580016

A story by one of the housing tenants has caught my eye…

I have a life coach at Francis House and I was telling her how I wanted to try new things now that I’m able to do more. She mentioned the art program and I said I’d give it a shot. So I started here with candle-making and it’s been good for me because I don’t handle failure well. It was something that I could do without a bunch of pressure on me. I’m halfway through this art class. That’s opened my mind and it’s good. I’m not working, but my phrase today is ‘work is not wellness, but wellness is work.’

winter-holiday-gift-set-frankincense-candle-cinammon-soap-made-by-residents-of-project-home-pa-homeless-program-community-and-charity-7627754 coconut-oil-valentines-soap-project-home-pa-homeless-handmade-helping-the-community-products-9781005
lavender-soap-gift-set-for-valentines-day-2018-project-home-pa-homeless-handmade-helping-the-community-products-7221696 valentines-day-gift-set-by-project-home-pa-homeless-handmade-helping-the-community-products-6157007

If you want to hear more beautiful stories by  these amazing people visit Project Home’s website!
You are also welcomed to Like them on Facebook to follow their activities- and Follow them on Instagram to always get their latest updates about new products and potential sales!

winter-holiday-gift-set-frankincense-candle-cinammon-soap-made-by-residents-of-project-home-pa-homeless-program-community-and-charity-e1517570062239-2988501 winter-holiday-gift-set-frankincense-candle-cinammon-soap-made-by-residents-of-project-home-pa-homeless-program-community-and-charity-soy-handmade-2829843 winter-holiday-gift-set-frankincense-candle-cinammon-soap-made-by-residents-of-project-home-pa-homeless-program-community-and-charity-art-work-6387874

Give people their second chance
Visit Project HOME PA today!

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