Antiques, Collectibles & One of a Kind Vintage Gifts

After entering their 70’s, this sweet couple from California, started sharing their love and eye for vintage with the world 🙂

Married couple, Mr. & Mrs. Miller, are selling their amazing collection of antique decorations and accessories they have gathered throughout the years. They simply love those estate sales, antique malls and tag sales- and they find sweet treasures wherever they go!

Dealing with antiques and vintage collectibles doesn’t come from “love for money” or even thinking about the physical value of the items they select, it comes from the heart. What people leave behind after they pass on to the other world- symbolizes something, as well as the items people choose to give away or sell to thrift shops and antique stores. Some people don’t ever plan on selling their antiques, however, circumstances can change and people may find that they need some money immediately. One of the best ways to do this is by selling antiques at a pawn shop. This can result in some quick cash for your antique valuables.

I always say that if you want to know an area and the people who’ve lived there, go to a local estate sale or flea market. (Mrs. Miller)

Their store has.. a little bit of everything! Figurines, salt and pepper shakers, jewelry, antique tools, vintage horse tack and more.

At their age, and without any knowledge of computers- the Millers still managed to pass 420 sales on Etsy with their Etsy store Riverripples… Amazing, right?
So, if you’re into that Christmas spirit of treasuring the old and displaying it along with the new- stop by the Millers’ Etsy store– and get yourself some of the most precious and loved antique vintage items out there 🙂

Happy Holidays!

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