Stunning Contemporary African American Portrait Prints

Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade art, is flooded with stunning prints for your home, featuring endless types of wall art- watercolor scenery art, cute animal illustrations, photography prints of amazing places, and a lot of people-art prints and posters. People art, being one of my favorite types of art for my own place, has just one flaw on Etsy… It’s mostly caucasian. That’s why I was thrilled to discover MissMaiyaArt Etsy shop– that creates amazing contemporary wall art prints – using African American skin colors and hair types in her people-art.

African American Prints

Bright & optimistic, would be the best two words to describe the gorgeous people-art prints you’ll find on MissMaiyaArt- all featuring African American men and women (and couples:)). “Shiny happy people” REM sang, and that’s the song that got stuck in my head seeing the amazing butterfly prints on this Etsy wall art boutique.

With style sipping in from every corner, this unique Etsy shop has prints that symbolize living life- in all of it’s aspects. Whether it’s finding joy in touching butterflies, kissing a loved one, or just being stylish- African American prints from MissMaiyaArt Etsy shop- are simply joyful. On top of the GOOD VIBES featured here, I can’t wait to see what more has in store for this special shop.

As I browse through the different designs, i found one of my favorites being this one:

Full of class, bright in pink, an African American SEXY business woman! A print that made me think of a friend I met during my travels… A stunning African American tech manager who had no fear of shining over others with her amazing tech skills- and her undeniable style.

The whole concept of Etsy started to give people the chance to purchase from other people – not just huge brands and mart shops. And that’s exactly what you get if you decide to purchase one of the prints from this shop.
MissMaiyaArt shop for African American print wall art is owned by Maiya, a Florida nursing student, who decided to take on drawing as a way to remove some of the stress in her life. I often write about Etsy shops being opened by people who lost their jobs due to the current worldwide health crisis, but Maiya… I mean, could you imagine starting nursing school and then Covid happens? What a different kind of motivation to begin a shop.

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