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There is this phrase that I really like that goes- the more things change, the more they stay the same. It’s kinda true, if you think about it. Old trends in fashion and in beauty keep coming back from the 90’s, 80’s and even before that.

Maybe the next generation isn’t as bad as we thought.

One trend that I particularly like that has risen in the past decade is the trend of buying homemade- getting your items, for pleasure or necessity, from small family-owned businesses, and not solely from large brands and factory shops. I love how nowadays people look for the story behind a product, and not just the price tag. So, this is another post dedicated to that… A story.

It’s the story of Robert.
After being a network engineer in Silicon Valley for nearly 30 years, Robert has developed some health issues that, unfortunately, restricted his mobility. Having always been interested in the healing aspects of aromatherapy and natural oils, Robert and his wife started making soaps. It’s been 7 years that the two spent everyday with the beautiful and enriching scents of natural essential oils, and flower extracts, and they have finally brought their handmade soap bars- to Etsy.

A good story is not enough

Yeah, that’s true.
A good story alone won’t help you sell a bad product. But lucky for this California based couple- they make amazing soap bars!

Lavender, roses, olive oil, Coconut Oil, shea butter, avocado oil, and so many other natural ingredients- are all part of this beautiful family business! And what’s so great about these soap bars is that they’re not only healthy and natural- but they also look so delicious!

The two sell their soap bars in their Etsy shop SoapPlusPlus, and here are some of my favorite soap bars from their shop:

If you like what you see here- go ahead and follow the couple’s new Instagram page!

Or simply visit their Etsy shop for more!

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