Unique Hand Painted Custom Watercolor Cat and Dog Portraits

If you never had a dog, cat or any other pet in your life- you simply can’t understand the amount of love you can have for a pet. For many people, their cats and dogs are not just pets- they are full on family members.

For you pet-people- I am writing this post!

A unique watercolor artist by the name of Olga has a true gift for portrait making, especially for cats and dogs.
In her Etsy shop, artishokpetportraits, you’ll be able to find beautiful Watercolor Cat and Dog Portraits- made from photos that people sent Olga of their pets!

The process is fairly easy, and the result is something that will last you many years! You choose the style of portrait you like and the size of the painting you’ll want to have! After you’ve done that you send Olga a photo of your pet (if you have other pets- no problem, Olga can bring to life any pet you have!) through the Etsy msg board or via email.

Olga, with her special gift and touch with animals, will capture the vibe of your pet and have it in her heart while creating the portrait.

Using high quality 140lb paper and fine watercolors, a new art piece will come to life- with your pet as the main theme and muse!
Once done, within 2-3 business days, Olga will send this original watercolor pet portrait to you, in a sturdy cardboard envelope that will not bend. There are also options in this store for frames- you can check out the listings’ descriptions or contact Olga and ask about that!

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