Playful & Joyful Buddy the Elf Costume for Adults

If you’re looking for a playful look for your next cosplay gathering, or a whimsical costume that can fit both men and women- try BUDDY!
Buddy the Elf, the playful elf from the movies, is now available on Coserz, as a full body costume, for men or women:

A wonderful costume idea, a multi-piece costume- transforming you into Buddy the Elf from head to toe! And now- 10% off, and with free upgraded shipping! Found on Coserz, a huge and successful online costumes and cosplay outfits store, this unique Buddy the Elf grown-up costume is made to fit you exactly ! You send in your exact measurements to the owners of the shop- and this Buddy the Elf costume will be made to fit you like a glove!

It’s a great way to enjoy that playful Buddy the Elf look- no matter what’s your size or height!

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