What women want cast

What women want cast

It’s breathtaking to watch a couple in love walking down the street, seeing those holding hands smiling and happy. You can almost feel how in love they are because it radiates so much from them. Right next to them is what women want to cast. She looks very happy too. It radiates from her like the couple, and she is smiling.

Changed times

It’s not like it used to be when people started dating single women. It was a bit of a shame. But now, the century is different.

Today, what women want cast are perfectly happy alone and single. But how can that be? Society has instilled in us that life is better if we have a spouse and that happiness lies in two individuals’ confusing squares. But if we look around us today, we can often see that single women are often happier than their married friends.

Here’s the explanation – what women want to cast you to know

I do not need a husband

I do not have to have a spouse or find this one right. I’m perfectly content and happy alone. I am enough, and I do not need someone else to perfect me or make me whole. I have spent far too many years relying on others to make me happy. I’m all I need.

Do not feel sorry for me.

I’m not lonely. I do not need compassion. Really.

I’m content, and I’m not sad about being alone, and neither should you. I’ve never been happier. If I want company, I can call one of my friends and ask them to come with me on a date.

What women want cast
What women want cast

Seriously, I’m happy.

You may find it hard to believe, but it’s true. Society implies that it takes two individuals together to be happy. That’s not the case. I’ve spent enough time trying to please everyone else. The time for my happiness has come.

I beg you, no more blind dates.

Thanks, but the same and appreciated. I mean it. I do not doubt that your friend Hannes is a major great guy. But I will find my own Hannes when I think I’m ready for such a company.

Freedom is wonderful

I’m free, and I can do whatever I want. Come and go when I want, eat when I want and what I want, and as little as I want. Go where I want. I’ve never been as free as I am now, and that’s awesome in one word.

Going out to eat alone is not a problem.

I love to go out to dinner alone, and I enjoy being in my own company. So really, that’s okay with me. I enjoy solitude, getting a little away from it all and just sitting with a good glass of wine and eating good food.

Missing not being in a relationship is not what you think.

I sometimes miss not having a partner, but it’s not like you think. Sometimes I could even imagine having someone who leaves a beautiful message or sends me a warm text message. It’s those little things. Not sex or physical intimacy. These things get the butterflies in your stomach going.

Talking about sex

I do not think about sex every day, so I cannot say that I miss it. I’m not going to confuse my squares with a man to have sex with. Sex without feelings is nothing in my eyes. Don’t get me wrong, sex is awesome… but use your imagination. I’m in good shape.

Traveling alone is a challenge but fun.

I remember the trips my ex and I took, and they were nothing special. But now that I’m alone, traveling is so much more fun. I spend a lot more time meeting new people and other people traveling alone like me.

Being alone comes with many challenges, but you live and learn.

Like putting air in the tires of the car and checking the oil, painting, drilling in the walls and other small things that I did not know how to do before have been a challenge, but I live and learn, and I’m proud of myself for all the things I’ve learned and done.

Is proud

I’m proud. Not only because of the things I have learned to do alone and unsupported but also because of how much I have grown to face my fears in many circumstances and overcome them.

Having all the beds out for me is heavenly.

Of course, it’s nice to have someone to cuddle with now and then, but let me tell you, having a bed on your own is no different. So no one snorts in your ear. It is heavenly to go to bed every night.

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