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Rinica Cosmetics

Quality cosmetics is one of the basic needs of every woman, and it’s better you get it sooner than later. A good night cream, face cleanser, soap and other basic daily products could really make a difference with how your skin would look 10,20 and even 30 years from now. Rinica cosmetics is a Natural Skin Care startup based near Chicago. Their purpose is simple- “flood” the market with natural and nursing skin care products for every woman to use! They create luxurious creams and balms that are all made from natural ingredients, with no added alcohol or parabens, that are usually found in everyday cosmetics.

This startup decided to open an Etsy store, allowing them to reach more clients in the US and not just in Chicago. The owner of this Etsy store is Irina Gorbikov.
As a co-founder and the chief product creator of Rinica cosmetics products, Irina has suffered from allergies and sensitivity to artificial ingredients in food and skin care products her whole life. As she is a Licensed Esthetician she saw first hand what difference can good natural products make for a woman’s skin, and also how bad chemicals are to our face. While working at an upscale salon in Chicago suburbs, Irina had experience with many different products like “Le Mer” and “La Praire”. But even these products were not sufficiantly natural to overcome her allergies and be truly TREATING to all women.

So Irina dedicated 10 years to the research and development of skin care creams and balms that would work for her and her family, thus creating Rinica. This brand has over 6 years of experience as Irina started selling her creams and balms in 2010! Amazing, right? (Though this is a fairly new store around Etsy, rinica has their own website where they have been selling their cosmetics for year!)

Start by cleaning your face

The first step to healing any damaged skin is by cleaning it! These days, with makeup, with smoke from traffic, and with us touching our face all the time- we need a good soap bar to wash it at the beginning and ending of each day. With Rinica– you’ll get the perfect facial soap to cleanse your face! Available in 6 different flavors, Irina’s soaps are perfect for facial cleansing and treating facial and body acne. And they simply look delicious!

Nourish your body in the winter!

The winter is a tough time for our skin… Temperatures are dropping down and the air gets dry… Affecting our skin in the worst way possible! As most people turn to industrial hand and body creams, they are simply inserting chemicals to their cracked skin- and making things worse! Rinica has developed a special solution for the winter! Coffee / Lemon / Orange Natural Hand & Body Balm for Winter by Rinica- this would not only make you feel good– but also smell amazing!

Rinica Cosmetics
Rinica Cosmetics

“I don’t need an anti-aging cream”

I hear a lot of girls saying this sentence, and as the teenagers might be right- women above 30 years of age should defiantly start using anti-aging cream. A lot of women think that they should use anti-aging products once they start to wrinkle- but I guess they missed the word “anti” in the whole process. Anti-aging creams are meant to help you slow down the skin’s natural aging process, by protecting it, cleaning it, and enriching it with everything it needs- before you start to see aging signs! For that I would defiantly recommend Rinica’s Retinol Natural Anti-Aging / Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream, that contains Platinum. You could find the following ingredients in this cream :

Platinum, Peptides, Aloe Vera, Zinc Oxide, Horstail Butter, Goat Milk, Honey, Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Retinol… And of course- free from alcohol and paraben- who are extremely bad for our skin.

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