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Handmade with love is pretty much the motto of Etsy- and it’s so true! Only in Etsy you’ll be able to find stores like D&Gs Crafty Creations, that sells the most amazing and simple jewellery. I mean, not every piece of jewellery you buy should be a 24karat gold ring… Sometimes you just need that bracelet that goes well with everything, and those cool earrings for your sister’s birthday. And that’s what you get from Brenton and Stefanie Doncouse, owners of this cute little Etsy store. With 40 items (and more being added every time…) this store will surly get you through any holiday or birthday shopping, any bachelorette party or event… Just see the amazing things they have to offer (in really good prices if I may add…):

So make sure to check out this cool Etsy store !

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