Rozmari – Unique Handmade Bohemian & Ethnic Jewelry

My love for Etsy grows deeper everyday, especially when I come across an interesting jewelry designer such as Marina Rozen. Marina Rozen has opened an Etsy store to display her amazing handmade collection of bohemian and uniquely styled jewelry and simply used her name to create an interesting store name… So from Marina Rozen we got- Rozmari.

Unlike cheap and easy-breaking AliExpress jewelry, Rozmari’s jewelry pieces are not easy to wear… They require a specific kind of woman to have the guts to put on these statement jewelry. Rozmari’s pieces are unique in style, some are crowded and messy, giving you that draft look and feel, others are massive and colourful- there to make a statement. Not everyone s going to love this style… But if you know how to wear these items there’s one thing for sure- everybody in any room you’ll walk in to- will notice you.

This seller also lets you see each item as it truly is, with different images demonstrating the size of the stones and the lock as well, like with this necklace:

I especially love the high quality photos taken for Marina’s art… Some of them bring me back to when I was a little girl, watching Xena the Warrior Princess, as some items it this store would give you the look of a true amazon!

A good seller will always make sure that you will see the packages before the shipping, and if you look at the items in Marina Rozen’s store you’ll see that she also attached photos of the boxes used to ship her products, and I have to tell you- I am in love! Isn’t that just the cutest way to receive handmade jewelry?

If you ask me? I kinda like this style. It’s a statement style, wearing something so complexed, yet so calming. I like to have unique jewels, and I like to know I am the only girl in the world to have them… Which is why me, and the rest of us at The Women Team is cheering you, Marina Rozen, and we only wish for you to keep up the good work- we can’t wait to see more!

If you want to make sure never to miss an item or a special sale in Marina Rozen’s Etsy store make sure to follow her on her social channels:
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