Handmade Moroccan Rugs 100%. Bohemian Style Decor

By Maya Mey Aroyo on January 14, 2019 Home and Art, Trend

The people of Etsy are going crazy for this Moroccan rugs shop – and I am loving their comments!

As much as online shopping has become a part of our lives, some people still don’t trust online vendors when it comes to purchases over a couple of dollars. It’s hard to know if you’ll get what you saw in the photo, or if you’ll get a product at all.
That’s why I always recommend checking out the review section of any shop you see- and finding out if any of the buyers left REAL images of the items they have received- and if those images match what the seller posted.

In the case of KenzaAndCo Etsy shop – it’s not true.
The items posted by the buyers looked even better than their photos in the shop!!

This special Etsy shop is here to add a sense of authenticity and warmth to your home!
These unique Moroccan rugs you see in it are handmade, and with them being so comfy I don’t know what’s best- looking at them or standing on them with your bare feet!

On top of that- you’ll also find a variety of poufs and pillows- with that same old ethnic vibe and feel!

If you like this kind of style and want to see more rugs as they are made, as well as more pictures from buyers and be first in line to view promotions and sales-

visit KenzaAndCo’s Instagram page!

Find out more on KenzaAndCo Etsy shop!

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