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If you’re looking for high quality and unique casted sterling silver jewelry- you should really visit 6XSterling Etsy shop.
This unique shop (pronounced Six X Sterling) is owned by a jewelry designer and inspiration-filled woman by the name of Carol Koch.

While most of the jewelry designers on Etsy open shops as they start their way in the jewelry making industry, Carol has a different tale to tell. She started designing jewelry many years ago, working for other brands.

Now, with 6XSterling, Carol is designing for herself. (Isn’t that what Etsy’s all about?)

What you get with her shop is not like anything you’ll see anywhere else. Trade secret:

Many jewelry designers (and actually a lot of artists in many fields) draw their inspiration from other jewelry makers, using their catalogs as a base for a new piece. But that’s not really being original.

Being original is what Carol does, and that’s why her sterling silver pieces are so compelling.

If you want to see more of Carol’s jewelry items you should really follow her on social media!

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She also has her own website, to sell her designs, as well as a blog…
(thoughts of a jewelry maker, maybe?…)

Find out more about Carol and her jewels
on 6XSterling Etsy shop!

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