OOAK Wearable Art – Abstract Pendants Made in the US

If you’re looking for some art (made in the USA) you’ve come to the right place! This time a post about a special couple- making wearable art!

Wearable art is a form of painting, drawing or sketch that you can carry on you daily in a jewelry item or clothing. In the case of Kristoff and Kerry, owners of AbstraitDesign Etsy shop, the art is abstract and is on a pendant- easy to place on with a simple cord (one comes with each pendant).

These unique works of art are not what you think… While most resin pendants use an image of an abstract painting or color covered in resin, these works of art are actually resin mixed with acrylic, special dyes, inks, and more… You might look at them as abstract miniature sculptures- you can wear!

What I like most about this shop is that everything there- is only available one time! So, if you liked any of the pendants in this post you better hurry- before some other reader snaps it right under your noses (or mouses for that matter!).

This unique style here is a perfect way to add to your jewelry collection with smarts- as these beautiful abstract resin pendants can fit any occasion and go with any style!
The couple caters to people from all over the world with worldwide shipping… However, Domestic orders get free shipping- and that’s always a thing we like to hear!

If you like the style of this shop you might want to get social with Kristoff, Kerry and their precious pendants!

You can do that by following them on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest,

or by liking their fan page on Facebook!

For anymore information and a lot more beautiful pendant design

go to AbstraitDesign on Etsy!

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