Motivational & Inspirational Mugs – Designed To Inspire Positivity

Motivational & Inspirational Mugs – Designed To Inspire Positivity

If you are a woman and in your 20’s or 30’s – you MUST know Etsy by now. Introducing the Motivational & Inspirational Mugs – Designed To Inspire Positivity.
The online market for handmade goods is one of the trendiest corners of the internet where people go looking for inspirational gift ideas. This is why many people go to websites like They provide so many great gift ideas for a wide range of audiences. Outside of those other great guides. The trick, with any good gift, is to find something that the person you’re giving it to would love to see and could use.

When I was looking for gift ideas that are both beautiful and useful- I always saw a coffee mug in mind.


A coffee mug, for a lot of people, is more than just your average kitchen tool/accessory. Whether you are looking to get someone a floral mug to complete their collection, you may find the perfect one for them just by doing a quick search into something like sunflower gifts on Google. The same goes for any sort of mug you’re looking for. It could even be one with their favorite celebrity on it. Either way, you can never have too many mugs. It’s your coffee mug, the one you use every morning before work and every evening after it. It should be something you’d want to look at daily- and be something that will inspire you to think positively. You could also be looking for a mug that’s a little bit more personalized, especially if it’s a gift for someone; Custom Photo Mugs Make Unique Gifts for a loved one. After all, it’s not every day you receive a mug with yours or your loved ones face on! Regardless of what design you want, your mug should bring a smile to your face.
For that reason, one of my favorite Etsy stores is VirtueGifts.


Owned by James Barton, VirtueGifts Etsy store is a great place to find inspirational mugs, motivational mugs, and general coffee mugs with a good vibe!
The designs are easy on the eye, catching your attention with meaningful words and inspirational animal prints.


If you like what you’ve seen so far- wait till you the full collection of inspirational mugs that James has created in his store!

You can also follow James’ motivational mug designs on Facebook
or check out Virtue Science and discuss the true meaning
of life with like-minded people!

Motivational & Inspirational Mugs – Designed To Inspire Positivity
Motivational & Inspirational Mugs – Designed To Inspire Positivity

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