Looking for a Wedding Band That Will Be PERFECT?

Looking for a unique and PERFECT wedding band can end being a difficult task… With most wedding bands out there being generic, over priced and mass-produced, I think there is a solution. Etsy.

On my search for a unique and beautiful wedding band on Etsy I have encountered Steven C, a Canadian jewelry designer that has managed to get a little under 100 sales since opening his Etsy shop earlier this year.

Steven’s ring designs are amazing and unique like no other designer out there!
While making simple wedding bands for men and women that are clear cut and smooth to the eye, Steven also plays around with his creative mind and makes unique ring collections that are truly one of a kind. Ridges inside a ring with arrows, color combinations of rose gold and Tungsten, different width and shapes… A truly amazing mind.

His shop is called InfinityRingDesigns, symbolizing the life time commitment you take with these rings, as well as his life time warranty on them!

His clients are also thrilled to enjoy his wedding band designs, and one especially happy customer uploaded a picture of the ring they got- with the special box it came in:

If you like the designs you see here- go ahead and visit Steven’s Etsy shop for wedding bands-


There are so many designs there waiting for you- and with a free laser engraving option on the table-

they are truly a bargain!

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