An Intro to Hypoallergenic Men’s Rings

Men’s Rings

It has happened to more than a few people. They are going about their day when they notice the ring that they bought last week is causing their finger to itch. They take the rings off to find that there is a rash and now, they begin to feel bad that they may have a metal allergy.

Metal allergies are not uncommon and occur typically when someone wears a ring or a necklace, rather than a bracelet. However, it can make choosing the right metal to have your jewelry made from a bit of a pain.

In this article, you will be introduced to the most common metal that is used in cheaper jewelry that causes a rash, and the hypoallergenic alternatives that you can buy.

Ring Rash? Nickel Is the Culprit

Have you ever worn a piece of silver-plated jewelry? If the plating is thin, then this can cause it to erode quickly and expose the nickel, which is likely to kick up an itchy rash, especially if it is a ring.

So, if you are one of the estimated 20% of people who have an allergy to nickel, you will need a ring made from a material like tungsten, which can be found at Newman Bands. These rings look great and will last longer, without causing a reaction.


If you are looking for a promise ring for a man or even a wedding ring that is not going to irritate the skin, you can opt for platinum. Platinum is beautiful and has not been found to cause any allergies among those who wear it.

However, it is not cheap. It is one of the more expensive metal types for jewelry and even a simple band can cost several hundred dollars. So, reserve this for a wedding or engagement ring.


Of course, you can have a silver-toned ring without the price tag of platinum. If you have excessive allergies to metal, then your best bet is to wear titanium jewelry. This is not readily available in jewelry stores but can be found online.

This is also the reason why many professional piercing clinics only use titanium studs, hoops, or bars.

Stainless Steel

Yes, the material that cutlery is made from can also be used in jewelry – even rings, and earrings.

Like titanium, stainless steel is hypoallergenic, which is why it is used so much in surgical tools and pins. Once again, stainless steel jewelry is readily available online but is not so commonly found in stores.

Sterling Silver

If you want the class of silver and have had enough of plated, then opt for sterling silver. This is one of the most common ring materials. However, be aware that many people opt for jewelry coatings with this metal, as it can tarnish, and needs to be maintained.

High Karat White Gold

Finally, white gold is a great option for a ring if you have an allergy. Be sure that the white gold you choose is high karat, and not low, as lower karat options can be mixed with other metals, which can cause it to become an irritant.

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