Geometrical, Wicca, Pagan, Celtic & Gold Pendants

For some people a necklace is just a necklace… However, in ancient cultures a necklace was always a symbol of something more. People wore necklaces and pendants as a way of showing their stature, belief or way of life- holding on to these items for strength and guidance.

These kind of jewelry traditions live on in our time too, wi Pagan jewelry, Celtic items, Wicca necklaces and more… And you can find them all, these symbols of strength and love, on a special Etsy shop by the name of goldpendant18k.

In this unique shop you’ll find unique and handcrafted 18K gold, 14K gold, gold-filled and silver necklaces- with beautiful symbolic pendants! Wiccan, Pagan, Celtic, and simply beautiful geometric necklaces- are waiting for you to choose them…. Care to see which ones I liked best ?

So, these were my personal favorite necklace pendants from goldpendant18k Etsy shop, but it’s NOTHING compare to the other 190+ item this seller has! (most of them are gold necklace pendants, but some are also bracelets and rings!!)

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