Pink Leather, I’m In Love

Well, not a lot of things in life can make me feel all happy inside, but Pink Leather goods is one of those things that can simply make me smile. I have found this cool pink leather bag on Etsy, and the coolest thing about it- was actually the entire store! A store filled with leather goodies, mostly in those unique pastel colours, you wouldn’t normally see everyday used on leather.

The store is called: Hide And Chic Handbags, and it’s owned by one Sandra Thurston. Thurston lives in the United Kingdom, and ships her leather creations worldwide, so any woman will be able to enjoy these stylish additions. What I like about Thurston’s store, and actually is the reason why I love Etsy so much, is that every bag she has in her store is one of a kind. The store is making leather bags, with a lot of TLC (Tender love & care) and with great attention to details as you can see in this bag here- outside and inside look:

However, telling you that Hide And Chic Handbags Etsy store is all about the pink would be just my own fantasy… If you fancy other colours, Thurston has got everything you’ll ever want, from amazing white leather side-bag with fringes, to even fringy little bag tags, also from leather, that will simply make your day!

See more amazing designs in other colours from Thurston in her Etsy store-
link here!

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