Real Women Wear Real Jewellery

I hope you like the oh so fabulous BLING, cause this Etsy store will leave you wanting to get some new diamonds and gold to your jewellery collection! If years ago you’d have to go to a specialist jeweller to get the best looking and quality engagement ring, or visit a vintage store for vintage looking earrings, necklaces and rings- now you can find them all in one place.

An Etsy store called Bambino Jeweler is selling handmade jewellery items that will blow your mind away and make you simply feel unique and beautiful! Coming to you all the way from the big apple New York, this store ships to: The United States, Australia, Canada & to countries inside the European Union. The reason I love this store so much, and Etsy in general, is that every item here exists only once! Meaning- what you’ll get no one else will ever have, and that is important to know when buying a piece of luxury jewel. You will be able to find gold rings alongside semi-precious stones jewellery, and a variety of metals to choose from, all in one place. Store owner, Armen, has enormous knowledge and experience with traditional jewellery making methods, and he combines this skill of his with imagination, in order to create truly unique contemporary & complex jewellery.

So, without too much fuss, here are my favourite items from this store:

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