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The Animal Jewellery Trend

The Animal Jewellery Trend

Animal shaped jewellery items are nothing new, but it is a rising trend. You can find endless stores, online and offline, selling rings, necklaces, earrings and even bracelets with animal jewellery trend pendants, shapes and prints.

I took a tour around Etsy online shopping platform for handmade and unique items– and found 2 cool stores selling jewellery that is inspired by animals.

CreaturesJewelry Store

The Creatures Jewelry store is an Etsy store where you can purchase amazing inspirational pendant necklaces with an animal that represents you. The store, owned by Jordan M, is located in California USA, and ships amazing necklaces worldwide. So… Are you a Tiger? a Bear? a Lion or a Wolf?
Wear your animal spirit around your neck to get it’s feeling of power and energy during the day… You’d also look amazing doing it:

Embrace The DragonFly

If you have a thing for DragonFlies (Like I do) you’d love Lacy Scott’s Etsy store. The store, called Dragonfly Story Design, is a celebration of Dragonflies. This amazing creature symbolizes transformation, a message of hope. Many people choose to wear dragonflies in a loving memory of someone they loved and lost. The DrangonFly story is a story about change, about a new transformed life. Having a jewel with a dragonfly on it is your way of stating that something has changed you… And you are embracing it.
With rings, necklaces and even an iPhone cover- you are one dragonfly away from perfect style! Click on the image to see more of Lacy’s designs:

If you want to match your animal inspired jewellery with your outfit– I recommend a nice pair of animal printed leggings to go along with it! You can find so many amazing designs and types of leggings around Ali Express… Here are a few here: (Just click on the image to see more info)


The Animal Jewellery Trend
The Animal Jewellery Trend

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