Hemp Cotton Tops That Should Be In Your Closet!

Every woman knows that fancy clothes can come and go- but the basic Ts and Tanks are forever! I have found this amazing Etsy store, new to Etsy, that sells the most amazing cotton-hemp tops and Ts. This vendor might be new to Etsy, but has been operating a successful eCommerce site for direct shopping for about a year… Its called: Times Hemp Company, or TimesHC on Etsy.

Times Hemp Company is a Malibu based corporation established in 2015. TimesHC are the creators of hemp based products and promoters of California’s thriving cannabis culture. With so many different products (from Men collections to kids’ toys) this store can give you want you NEED- a really good Tshirt or tank- you can always feel and look your best in. You should know that industrially used hemp is one of the leading sustainable alternatives to many harmful factors that damage our planet. And, they just look so GOOD!
Here are the two simple-line pieces you can purchase with TimeHC:

The Hemp-Cotton Tshirt

Available in these colours:

& The Hemp-Cotton Top

Available in these colours as well:

Go to TimesHC’s Etsy store to find out how you can get these comfy items, and see more of their unusual collection! You can also check out their site for more company info! Store ships worldwide from the USA!

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