Fashion & Style by Emma Ginsburg

If you’re looking for some unique fashion items you should really check out Emma Ginsburg’s Etsy store. All the way from the big apple, Emma opened her Etsy store to share her designs of feminism, flora, and fauna- with the whole world!
Her store has perfect designs for every girl who wants to add some stylish and unique fashion items to her closet, as well as some other surprises.

Aren’t they cool???

Along side these funky designs, Emma also has some meaningful printed Ts, with slogans like “Fight Fascism”, “Facts, not fascism” or “Plant Club” for those of us with political or “save the planet” agendas!

In Emma’s store you’ll also be able to find some cool and stylish mugs. They look good alone, but these three would really look good as a set:

With all of Emma’s unique designs I actually had no problem locating my 2 favorite… I found these two to simply catch my eye, not in any way I can explain but simply because the photos were brilliant and the items looked like something I would def wear!

For more of Emma’s cool and snappy designs- feel free to visit her Etsy store, or follow her on Instagram:

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