Unique Glass candle holders & Luminaries On Etsy

Unique Glass candle holders

You are at:Home»Get Married»Unique Glass candle holders & Luminaries On Etsy. If you live in the USA you’re gonna want to tune in for this post- it would change the way you celebrate precious memories with your loved ones!

There are so many ways to treasure a certain moment. In most houses you’d find collages and framed pictures of family members in their funniest and proudest moments… Dad & Mom’s wedding, son graduating from college, daughter’s first prom date- these are all moments that were captured in film (or digitally) and are now out there, for all to see. But what if you could share these images in a different way?

What if you could place them… In a light of their own ?

Yup, you read right- placing an image on top of a glass candle holder will surely make your loving faces shine! It’s the perfect house warming gift, one of the coolest wedding decorative- and surely the best way to remember a 4 legged family member who’s no longer with us.

The place that customizes these cool items for Americans is CameraToCandle Etsy store. Owned by Karen Sherman from North Carolina, this store holds some of the most unique items online. With amazing candle holders that will shine with their unique image, and even wedding candle holders/table numbers.

Here are some of my favorite items from Karen’s Etsy store:

What do you think? Are as amazed as I am just by thinking about all of the possibilities?

Simple, classy, glass candle holders- customized for any occasion. A great 5 star Etsy store, with so much more to offer you! See the full collection right HERE!

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Unique Glass candle holders
Unique Glass candle holders

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